Sarepta Baptist Association

4010 Jefferson Rd
Athens GA 30607

About Us

  • The Sarepta Baptist Association was founded in 1799 and is one of the oldest associations in Georgia.
  • Our association is one of the largest geographical associations in Georgia, covering four counties (Clarke, Jackson, Madison, Oglethorpe) and parts of three other counties (Oconee, Banks, Franklin).
  • Currently Sarepta consists of 77 churches.

The Primary Focus of Sarepta Covers Two Areas

  • One is Starting Churches --- In the four major counties represented in Sarepta, roughly 221,000 people reside.  On any given Sunday, in our Sarepta Churches, we will have 10,300 people attending.  So the need for new churches is huge.  New Churches grow faster than older churches.
  • Second is Supporting Churches through Revitalization -  We have a Revitalization Team that was formed in 2013 ready to assist our churches that are open to partnering with us.  The reason for this is that 86% of the Sarepta Churches are plateaued or declining.  We have a trained team that stands ready to provide support through our Revitalization Tool Box.

Other Significant Ministries

  • International Friends provides instruction to those who need assistance with English As A Second Language.  The ministry meets throughout the school year at Beech Haven Baptist Church in Athens.  Mrs. Amy Wheeler is the Director and the program takes place every Thursday starting at 9:30.  Childcare is provided.
  • Disaster Relief is a significant ministry of Sarepta.  We house Unit 19-R which is a cleanup and recovery unit.  Mr. Jim Patton is our Associational Disaster Relief Leader.  Certification is required to participate in this ministry.  The Georgia Baptist Convention provides training every year in multiple areas around the state.  If you are interested in being involved in this ministry, contact the Georgia Baptist Convention and speak with Stuart Lang who coordinates it for the entire state.

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